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Because I Said I Would…

As we close out 2013, I wanted to write about New Years Resolutions. According to, 45% of Americans usually make a New Years Resolution and another 17% infrequently make a New Years Resolution.

The Success rate? 8%.

So over half of us, sometimes make a N.Y.R. but only 8% of those folks keep it. An interesting tidbit, was more people in their twenties keep their resolutions than those over 50. The most popular resolution in 2012 was “Lose Weight”. There are more stats here for your enjoyment.

But this brings me to the point of this post. How can you get better at keeping your resolutions? Do you keep your promises? Like, I promise I will call you. Or I promise to send you that email. How often do those slip away and don’t happen? I know you may not say “I Promise”, but telling someone you will do something, and not doing it, is really a promise broken. At the end of the trainings I do, I emphasize the importance of doing what you say you will do. Clients respond to those that keep their word. You told someone you would send them the quote on Tuesday? You better get it to them Tuesday. You said you would call tomorrow? You better call tomorrow. Do what you say you’re going to do!

How can you be better at it? Realize the importance when you say something. Treat it as the most important promise you can make. Sounds silly, but if you PROMISED to send an email, you would probably make a greater effort than just, “I’ll send you that info tomorrow”.

For something as important as a New Years Resolution, publicize it. Share it with friends and co-workers. If your goal is to lose weight, or some self-improvement/education development (That was the #1 “Type of Resolution”) let others know. They can help and be supportive.

The title of this post is from the website Because I said I would. I love the idea of this place. Download and print a card. Write your promise on it and tell people about it. The site received a lot of publicity recently when a drunk driver took responsibility for hitting and killing a man but there are plenty of success stories on the site, and it was started by young man, whose father taught him the importance of a promise kept. Here is the website’s own description.

Because I said I would is a social movement dedicated to bettering humanity through the power of a promise. To encourage positive change and acts of kindness, we send “promise cards” to anywhere in the world at no cost. Because I said I would also executes charitable projects in support of other non-profit organizations and good they bring into the world.  

So, I started really thinking about what I wanted to write on my first card. It had to be really important to me. It had to be something I would have to fight to do, and I wanted to post it for the world to see.


Boom! Here is to a great 2014.

Travel Tips. Or how to be a better traveler!

As my 2013 draws to a close, and I think about my record-breaking (for me) travels this year, I wanted to remind folks of some travel basics, and my thoughts on travelers.

This year was certainly a record for me. Now, I am not a “Platinum” anything, nor have I ever been. But I did go to five international destinations this year (Singapore, Sydney, Mumbai, Amsterdam and Brussels) and I certainly saw my fair share of folks traveling. My first “Tip” is always a laugh for me, because it’s so basic yet folks are often not concerned with other travelers that might be late for a plane or in more of a hurry than they are.


Walk on Left, Stand on Right!
Come on folks. This one is basic. Blocking an entire walkway, with you cart/bags/children/body is not only rude, but you might be preventing someone from catching their flight. If you are not walking, move you and your 17 items to the right side, far enough for someone else to pass. Easy.

Along with Walk Left/Stand Right is its close friend, The “Wall O’ Family”. Now I don’t expect families with all their children to walk single file, but can you corral them into a smaller herd so they aren’t blocking an entire walkway? I love the parents with the child on a leash that extends so far that no one can get by, or the folks that basically walk hand in hand, so no one can pass. If you want to hold your children’s hands in a crowded airport (Something I completely understand), make an effort to keep them close to you, and understand other folks might want to move faster than you.

Now, I would much rather have a crying child near me than a drunk, a loud mouth (More on that under “Speaker Phone Idiots” below) or other obnoxious adults, however I can not stand “KICKING THE CHAIR” kids. My seat is my space and when your child is pounding the back of my chair when I am in it and you do nothing, I will. Once or twice? Not problem, but if you ignore your child, I will parent your spawn and you won’t like it.

You might think my childless attitude is just uncaring and I don’t understand being a parent. Well you’re kinda right. I don’t have kids, and I haven’t had the joys of traveling with my own children. But I have traveled with many well-behaved kids, been stuck on the runway for hours right next to well-behaved ones, that the parents kept under control and I have even assisted! One of my best flying experiences was with a kid right next to me and the mom ran out of food and I shared my snacks and made it a good time. The lovely well-behaved (yet hungry) child even drew me a picture. (It’s a squirrel on a motorcycle, jumping through a flaming hoop, while a plane drops axes on him and bombs, and there are sharks in there, and all us passengers are at the bottom)…hmmmm


It’s not about having perfect children, it’s about just making sure they are somewhat controlled.

Now, if you are still reading and don’t think I am a total crank, here are some of my other tips for both newbie flyers and you “Status” folks.

  • Armrests / Reading A Newspaper: You don’t own the entire space across all the seats. Reading a newspaper usually requires a width wider than a seat. Two of my flights this year, I had half a newspaper across my face because the seat hog next to me, thought he could take over the row. Fold it up if you must read todays news. With that, the middle seat should get priority on the “center” armrests. Both the window and the aisle get their own, exclusive armrest, the least we could do is give the poor middle seat the armrests. And armrests are ALWAYS down.
  • Putting Your Seat Back: Now if it was up to me, seats wouldn’t recline, but I know some people like to recline. Just two requests. If you get up from your seat, put your seat back up, and on those rare occasions you get food on a plane, put them up then too. Nothing like trying to eat with a seatback in your face.
  • Turn Your Speaker Phone/Tablet Sounds Off: No one wants to hear both sides of your conversation, your video game, your movie or anything else. Also file under controlling your children. Turn their sounds off too.
  • Carry-ons / Too Much Baggage: When did a rolling garment bag qualify as a carry-on? I have often seen 3-5 bags for a single person. What is up with that? And women, your purse is your personal item. My wife puts her purse in a bigger duffle bag, and that goes under her seat. I did all my traveling this past year with just carry-ons. And I limited it to TWO. A carry-on sized roller and a backpack. My backpack fits under a seat. If my wife can do 8 days in Europe with a carry-on, anyone can. Or CHECK IT.
  • Personal Hygiene: This goes without saying, yet I need to say it. Take a shower before you travel. Limit your perfume/cologne. I have been next to stinky people, dusty people, dirty people and it’s nasty. Clean yourself.

Thanks for listening.

Do your business cards stink?

I still love business cards. There is something about fresh cut card stock that sends my nose into heaven. But are your cards in need of a makeover? Ask yourself a few questions.

Who am I branding?
If your card has other logos or brands besides your own, why are they on there? I know this will hit people hard, because so many folks do it but…Do you think it makes you unique? Trust me, there are about 26.52 billion MCSPQRS3.14159265359 Certifications out there and slapping that logo on your card doesn’t mean anything to your customers. Now, I have seen some cards with certifications on them that don’t really seem out of place or really are a differentiator, but think twice before you brand someone else, over your own brand.

Will this card be kept?
I love catchy cards. I was given one recently for an IT company that was created to look like a old computer punch card. Make it special. You have a chance to stand out from the crowd with your card, so find something cool, new or different. I have received metal cards, plastic cards and other unusual materials…however that leads me to…

Can I write on it?
I hate glossy cards. (would Patrick Bateman carry a glossy card?) I often take notes about follow up and what I want to discuss with you on the back of your card. If it’s glossy, or full of logos (See above) I can’t write on it. Think of them as a mini note card.

Take advantage of this old school networking tool and make it great.