About Us

In many parts of the world, local folklore predicts that out of a certain number of waves, one will be much larger and stronger than the rest.

Seventh Wave Services was founded in 2013, and provides consulting and training to IT Channel & Retail Companies. Topics include Branding, Channel Management, Mobility, Cloud, Managed Services and more. Just some of our clients include Apple, Bain Company, CompTIA, D-Link, Fibercloud, McAfee, Tech Data, and Verizon.

“Chris is a great speaker and has a great grasp of the subject matter.” (Apple Consultant Network Member – Mobility)

“Great class the past week, you’re an excellent facilitator and coach.” (Black Box Associate)

“I will seek out any training you do because it was AWESOME! Great job!” (Director – Crexendo)

“I found you to be a great instructor and would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a world class trainer-subject matter expert.” (CAM Training)

“Thank you so much for the outstanding training presented at the IT Channel Management Executive Certificate Workshop this week! You have a phenomenal presenter; engaging, upbeat and fun! I gained a great deal of knowledge in this workshop.” (CAM – Dell)

“Chris was a fantastic facilitator, and a master of a very complex subject: Channel Excellence. Chris is a channel expert and seasoned consultant who blends his knowledge with the mastery, style and entertainment level of a game show host….an incredibly effective approach. Well done, Chris!” (F. Kelly – Channel Account Manager – Canada)

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