Do your business cards stink?

I still love business cards. There is something about fresh cut card stock that sends my nose into heaven. But are your cards in need of a makeover? Ask yourself a few questions.

Who am I branding?
If your card has other logos or brands besides your own, why are they on there? I know this will hit people hard, because so many folks do it but…Do you think it makes you unique? Trust me, there are about 26.52 billion MCSPQRS3.14159265359 Certifications out there and slapping that logo on your card doesn’t mean anything to your customers. Now, I have seen some cards with certifications on them that don’t really seem out of place or really are a differentiator, but think twice before you brand someone else, over your own brand.

Will this card be kept?
I love catchy cards. I was given one recently for an IT company that was created to look like a old computer punch card. Make it special. You have a chance to stand out from the crowd with your card, so find something cool, new or different. I have received metal cards, plastic cards and other unusual materials…however that leads me to…

Can I write on it?
I hate glossy cards. (would Patrick Bateman carry a glossy card?) I often take notes about follow up and what I want to discuss with you on the back of your card. If it’s glossy, or full of logos (See above) I can’t write on it. Think of them as a mini note card.

Take advantage of this old school networking tool and make it great.

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